About Me

Dear visitor,


Welcome to my world, in the realm of this artistic person who is specialist in making portraits. Born and raised in the last century and as far as I can remember always been in a creative process. Experimenting and finding my way into art.


Throughout the years I have tried different subjects and techniques. after gaining some experience in different techniques, I ended up making portraits, what I enjoy doing the most and want to expertise and develop more in.


When I am creating a portrait, it feels for me I can put in my soul and emotion in the new created piece. Giving the figure I am portraying, a soul and emotion upon the paper or canvas I am using.


The technique and material that I am using at the moment is most of the time grey pencils and acrylic paint. With sometimes a small bridge towards other materials, such as pastel. A perfect way to keep myself challenging and widen my horizon.


Yours faithfully, Addik Creations



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